Protect your company and your employees with our complete commercial surveillance systems for your business. By simply having video systems present will discourage criminal activity and other negative impacts to your business overall. Keep close watch on suspicious customers and monitor your employee behaviors. You cannot be everywhere at once, but with our system you can be! Video surveillance can be a very powerful resource to you and your business. From small business to corporate enterprise, we have a video solution for you.

Total Home & Farm Video Solutions, INC is proactive to Illinois House Bill 337. We have identified products and services that will allow Gun Dealers to be compliant with the bill. We are familiar with the Bill's requirements and can provide a system that will meet or exceed State and Federal requirements. We will be able to support that system to ensure the video is recorded and stored properly.

Record Acts of Theft or Vandalism

Monitor Your Employee's Customer Service Efforts

Customer Video Record of Purchase History

Keep Watch of Cash Register Activity

Reduce Liability on False Insurance Claims

Detect Equipment in Need of Repair

See Customers Coming and Going

Evaluate Your Employee Job Performances

Confirm Safety Guideline Procedures